10 Top Team Building Activities

The corporate scenario has become such, that after they hire people for the job, they tend to put every individual through series of team building activities. You might have heard about orientation in schools and colleges. In the corporate level, these activities act as the ice breaker and as well as a learning forum for many, regarding working together as a team.

Here is a list of the top ten team building activities that every corporate company designs for its employees right before assigning them work or projects.

  1. Drop the egg:

The game is simple. You and your team need to build a package for the eggs that can prevent the eggs from breaking, even when it falls down four stories.

  1. Test the memory:

Your team will be given few building blocks for the activity. The instructor builds a structure and invites one person from every team. They need to memorize it without the help of a paper or pen, and go back to their teams and instruct the others to build the replica.

  1. Win, lose or draw:

Choose categories and items that go under them. One person from each team will be selected who mentions the list of items that the team needs to draw.

  1. Truth or lie:

Each member in the team needs to tell a truth and a lie about themselves. After mentioning this, you need to have a discussion among the members. In the end, each person needs to guess if the truth is really the truth or a lie that the person claims to be the truth.

  1. Build the tower:

Your team will be given thirty minutes to build the tallest tower from a pack of cards and a pair of scissors. It is time to get creative.

  1. Zoom:

Each person is given a picture that has an important piece of information to solve a bigger puzzle. The team members can talk with each other but cannot mention what is in the picture. Within 30 minutes, they need to put together the picture, by indirectly mentioning them the clues that they have with each other.

  1. Hold the stick:

You and your team members need to stand with your index fingers stretched forward up to your shoulder level. A long stick is placed on your fingers and your task is to lower the stick. Be careful that, if any team member loses the stick, you need to start from the first.

  1. Untangle:

Stand in a big circle and by using your right hand; grab the right hand of the person standing across to you. Now use your left hand to grab the other hand of the person. Your team needs to untangle from the knot without breaking connection.

  1. Mine field:

Two members will be paired from each team. One will be blindfolded while the other needs to instruct the person to cross obstacles in the “mine field” to reach the finish line.

  1. Find the pair:

Your team needs to come up with pair of words like salt and pepper or Minnie and Mickey mouse. Tape the piece of paper having the name on each other’s back without mentioning the word that you have written. You need to ask a person about what is written on your back and once you find the word, you need to find your pair and join them.

These top 10 team building activities are very popular in a corporate scenario. Several popular employee engagement and adventure companies namely, Headrush conduct such programs and ultimately benefit the employees and companies to a great extent.